1st Golden Raspberry Awards

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1st Golden Raspberry Awards
DateMarch 31, 1981
SiteJohn Wilson's living room alcove
Hosted byJohn J. B. Wilson
Worst PictureCan't Stop the Music
Most awardsCan't Stop the Music and The Jazz Singer (2)
Most nominationsCan't Stop the Music (7)

The 1st Golden Raspberry Awards were held on March 31, 1981, at John Wilson's living room alcove to recognize the worst the film industry had to offer in 1980. Each category included as many as ten nominees; the maximum was lowered to five the following year to mirror the Oscars.

Winners and nominees[edit]

Neil Diamond, Worst Actor winner
Brooke Shields, Worst Actress winner
Laurence Olivier, Worst Supporting Actor co-winner
Amy Irving, Worst Supporting Actress winner
Allan Carr, Worst Screenplay co-winner

Films with multiple nominations[edit]

These films received multiple nominations:

Nominations Films
7 Can't Stop the Music
6 Xanadu
5 The Jazz Singer
4 The Formula
3 A Change of Seasons
Dressed to Kill
Raise the Titanic
Saturn 3
2 Friday the 13th
The Island
Middle Age Crazy
The Shining
Touched by Love

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