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This information was drawn initially from the corresponding article in the Spanish-lanuage Wikipedia. I then turned up more information with the Google search '"72 Philosophy" UNESCO'; as you can see, this information is much reproduced. Although I cannot find any specific statement that this information is in the public domain, one would not expect any issue in reproducing a UNESCO standard. After due diligence, I can find no indication anywhere that there are any intellectual property rights issues in reproducing it, so I've gone ahead.

I didn't rely on any one version out there: I triangulated a bit, because much of what I could find was obviously translations of translations, and nearly all of it had at least some errors in the English. Nothing I could find gave clear refererence to an original source document. If someone can find something definitive, we should certainly mention it in the article as a reference; if anyone has a suggestion for what to do meanwhile, I'm open.

These comments on sources also apply to 4-digit UNESCO Nomenclature and 6-digit UNESCO Nomenclature. -- Jmabel 18:19, Oct 1, 2004 (UTC)